When Obama Is In Town

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    (Christian Dior Blouse, Forever 21 Faux Leather Skirt, Steve Madden Lace Up Boots)

    I worked at the Design Above All (SF Design Center) today (therefore the black and white outfit) and guess what I see from the 53rd floor? A bunch of streets getting blocked off and mad traffic. Turns out Obama is having dinner at a nearby hotel in Union Square and people were getting ready for him. After work I headed over to Union Square to see a glimpse of him and ended up seeing a bunch of cool and retarded protestors arguing and his motorcade.
    I am an OBAMA fan and seriously think he is doing a great job on trying to repair all the damages that the Bush Admin has done. My little comments regarding the following pictures might offend Republicans, and anti-Obama people.
    Here it goes,

    Hello Cops, can I please get a little closer?

    Woman, Obama is too good to call the fugly ass Glenn Beck
    You just wasted your $15 on your poster

    Dude, people like you, and people who think like you, make us Americans look so retarded.

    Stupid Republican going around arguing with EVERYONE.
    He needs to stick that finger up in his ass

    Just some rednecks being rednecks.

    This fatass seriously needs some Government Health Care because no insurance company is going to approve him after they see his fat ass once he gets a heart attack from eating too many big macs.

    Is Obama coming?

    Maybe He's in this Car.

    I know it's just the bodyguards in this car

    My favorite photo of a quiet man walking around with an American Flag and a badge saying "Health Care for All.org"

    Why can't we just be silent protestors?

    More awesome photos minus my negative childish comments HERE.


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