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    (RIP YSL Shirt from MetroPark, Dress from Santa Monica but in White, Secondhand Harness Boots)

    My outfit is so boring. I need a change.
    I have a really big Midterm Project due on Tuesday and I've been working my butt off day and night. I'm pretty proud of what I've done so far. It takes me probably twice more time to finish a project than others because I'm so anal about things. It just has to be perfect. Ugh. I hate my little OCD.

    For those who have asked, I'm 5'6. To be honest, I'm actually 5'5 1/2" but I put down 5'6 on my driver's license and I just tell people I'm 5'6.
    My whole childhood, my mom told me if I ate bean sprouts I'd be taller so I ate every single bean sprout I saw. She told me coffee makes you shorter, so I never drank coffee.
    My sister did the exact opposite. She never ate any vegetables, and always drank my mom's ice coffee. Well in the end, I stayed the same height as I was in 10th grade and my sister got taller and now she is 5'9. (and my dad's 6'4)


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