Job Site Attire

    (Joie Jacket, Zara Sweater, H&M Denim Shirt, Lush Shorts, Soles Leopard Boots c/o Market HQ, Anarchy Street Bracelet)

    These were taken a couple of weeks ago when it was an unusually cold and foggy morning right before the LA heatwave. Well, cold for LA since anything under 70 degrees is cold for wussy me. When I go to job sites aka construction sites, I rarely wear heels (although I do pack them) and wear the most comfortable clothes possible, that are also easy to use the bathroom in (no rompers, ever). Although I'm a firm believer of accessorizing, I don't wear much jewelry when working since it gets in the way... but as always, there are a few bracelets at the bottom of my bag just incase.

    P.S. I wore a very similar outfit on the plane to New York. I'm so excited for the grand opening of the C. Wonder store. Hope you guys can make it!


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