A Little Bit of Pink Ain't Too Bad


    I've been basically living in this knit sweater and these heels the past couple of days. It's that little obsession of mine where if I like something, I wear it until I'm sick of it (or laundry day)
    Remember this post about rodeo drive? Well, I stopped by Giuseppe Zanotti that day and absolutely fell in love with these heels. The fact that they were on sale and only had one size left (in my size of course) sealed the deal.

    btw, I've been nominated for the Most Coveted Closet Award on Polyvore so I'd deeply appreciate it if you guys can vote by creating a set/collage for me Here. You can win a Chanel Medium Timeless Classic Flap Handbag by creating a set of my blog or any other blog of your choice.
    Thank you!!!


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