Back in LA

    (My sister's Kimono Jacket, Zara Shirt, Vintage Levi's DIY Cutoffs & Belt, gifted Jennie & Cailyn Bag, Opening Ceremony Shoes)

    So my flight to LA was on Wednesday night and guess what happened at the Jet Blue counter? They couldn't find my name on the flying list! Turns out, instead of booking the flight for that Wednesday the 9th, I booked it for the next coming Wednesday which is the 16th. ahhh!
    I almost had a meltdown when the Jet Blue guy told me I'd have to purchase a new ticket + pay the cancellation fee which would've been a total of $350. Thankfully, the Jet Blue guy was super nice and he called his boss(es) and after 30 minutes I only had to pay an extra $115.
    The funny and sad part about this story is though, after all this had happened, my boyfriend and I were both like, "only Aimee would do that..."

    On the other hand, I got to LA safely, and my mom got out of the hospital and is doing much better! Thank you everyone for all the prayers and warm thoughts. Due to this I've been pretty sad lately but now I'm back to my normal happy self and enjoying every moment that I can spend with her. She even took these pictures on our way to get a pedicure. (out of around 20 pics these were the only focused ones.. hehe)

    Hope all of you guys have a wonderful weekend!
    Btw, if there are any LA peeps out there that are over 21, my sister is having a private B-day party at Exchange LA in downtown so come party with us on Sat night!
    Just tweet me your name(s) and I'll put you guys on the guest list!


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