Braving the Cold in the Streets of New York

    (Mom's Fendi Cape, Forever 21 Sweater and cardigan, My little sister's shorts, Target OTK socks, Chloe lace up oxfords, Su-shi bag)

    Having never experienced a real Autumn or Winter, I naively thought that New York's Autumn would be like normal San Francisco weather: windy and cold. I did get the windy and cold part right but I forgot a few adjectives: extremely, super, freaking...etc. and what did I pack? 5 different fur coats and shorts, skirts, and one pair of pants because I had this little fantasy of myself walking around the streets in New York with a big fur coat with a skirt in high heels. hahaha
    Fortunately, our hotel was in Times Square where Forever 21 and other stores are open even at 12 am so I was able to snatch a sweater and cardigan which I layered and mixed with my existing wardrobe almost every single day I was there.


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