Side Braid, Fringe, and Clogs

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    (Seventh Door Fringe Knit Cardigan courtesy of Seventh Door, Hanes White Shirt, Genetic Denim, Zara Open Toe Ankle Strap Clogs)

    It's hard to see but I actually have a raccoon sun burn due to the goggles I was wearing while snowboarding in 75 degrees. I was snowboarding in short sleeves and if I had brought shorts, I would've snowboarded in shorts. hehe

    Oh and btw, I've been given an honor to judge an online styling competition on Couturious.
    The first place winner gets $2000, second place $750, and the third place winner gets a $200 cash scholarship and this contest is opened to current and incoming students of 8 participating schools.
    There are about six days left so hurry up and go style! =D
    More details here.


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