I'm Sure I Must Belong Somewhere

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    (People's Liberation Leather Jacket with DIY studs, Zara Stripe Shirt, Arden B Skinny Jeans, Underground Buckled Boots)

    One of the questions I get asked the most is if I ever just feel lazy and throw on a t-shirt and jeans, or whether I plan my outfits ahead of time. Well, unless it's a big event such as a wedding or some kind of fancy Christmas party, I hardly ever plan my outfits. I just go into my closet and pick whatever item that I see first depending on the weather, then I create an outfit around that.
    That's probably why sometimes my outfits don't work or I guess it's not as fashionable I'd like it to be because I normally get ready in 15-20 minutes (including brushing my teeth and putting my make-up on)
    During school days such as today where I am constructing models and get covered with saw dust by the end of the class, I wear t-shirts and jeans with my cowboy boots, in this case, my new Underground boots and don't wear a bunch of rings or accessories because they get in the way when building models (they've dented a few of my models..)
    So there, this was taken right after class to show you guys how I normally look when I don't have anything going on.


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