A Heart Full of Things to Say, But Who Shall I Tell?

    Silence & Noise Lace Bodysuit
    Silence & Noise Lace Bodysuit, Leather Skirt
    Silence & Noise Lace Bodysuit, Leather Skirt
    (Silent & Noise Body Suit, Forever 21 Pleather Skirt, Balenciaga Heels)

    I wore this black lace bodysuit to the Design San Francisco event last Friday and had lots of stares due to the invisible bra. I changed into pants later that night and wore a visible black bra when I hung out with Lulu, Annabel , & Philip which consist of drinking flavored soju, eating delicious but spicy korean food, and yelling all night long at the kareoke.

    Btw, I had the honor to be featured at Corridor 40 , a fashion + culture site & the SF Style, San Francisco's own street style blog. hehe =D


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