Away from the Rain

    (Forever 21 Aviator Jacket, LNA white top, Plaid Corpus Sirt, White Booties from a store in Santa Monica)

    I could never pass an opportunity to wear a cute skirt, yet alone a cute plaid skirt with a shape of a tulip.
    This corpus one that I got from Revolve is probably going to be the cutest skirt in my closet that the other skirts are going to be so jealous.
    Thank you Revolve Clothing! <3

    btw for those who have asked abt the H&M tunic/dress I wore in the last post, Yes I just bought it a couple of weeks ago so it should still be available. Sizewise, I got a size 6 so I could wear it as a dress (I'm normally a size 2 or 4)
    and No, it's not suppose to be an off the shoulder dress but I have narrow shoulders so I left it that way rather than keep adjusting it.
    Have a great weekend everyone!


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