Walk With Me

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    (Men's Hanes Shirt, F21 Skirt, Dirty Laundry Boots, Grandma's Belt)

    Koreans are health freaks. I haven't seen one fat person since I got here and my body is considered average. i.e., I'm not considered skinny although I'm considered tall and voluptuous, which i find really funny hehe
    From the food they eat (I haven't eaten anything gross yet, Thank God) to the work outs they do people really take care of their health. (some take care of their health a little too much)
    This area is located right behind my grandma's house and the whole asphalt floor or whatever has some kind of cushion underneath it so that people could run, walk and work out without getting a sprained ankle.
    I wish the States had something like this. I'd be running around everyday then.


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